#12 Top 20 Wholesale Microphones Suppliers

Here we feature all the wholesale Microphones suppliers and vendors in  Alibaba. We are always adding new wholesale Microphones distributors to these pages so be sure to check back often for all the latest updates.

Alibaba.com serves millions of wholesale buyers and suppliers from over 190 countries and regions worldwide. The site offers millions of items in over 40 major categories from electronics to apparel.

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#01: Professionnel good quality condenser recording studio large diaphragm microphone with Adjustable Arm stand for vocal recording


#02:  SONCM SF-666 Condenser Microphone with Desktop Stand for PC Computer Laptop Recording Chatting Gaming Singing


#03: BN-16D Dual-head Lavalier Microphone Professional Clip on Lapel Condenser Microphone for phone pc laptop computer


#04: Professional Hight Quality Dynamic Unidirectional Vocal Metal Wired Microphone


#05: Professional microphone with flexible stand style monitor headset with microphone for computer


#06: High quality 8 channel professional uhf wireless handheld microphone for karaoke and stage performances


#07: Newest Collar Camera Microfone De Lapela Sem Fio


#08: F2 Hot wired video on camera interview recording microphone


#09:  Professional desktop Microphone With large Microphone-Core and Microphone Stand USB Play and Plug


#10:  wholesaler wired studio recording microphone USB condenser mic for Computer pc gaming with desktop kit


#11: BOYA BY-LM10 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone for smartphone


#12: 640-660Mhz Professional UHF Portable Wireless Handheld Microphone for Large-scale activities


#13: FREE SAMPLE supply external portable 3.5mm/35mm wired lavalier lapel microphone for mobile phones recording


#14: BOYA WM8 Pro-K1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System Audio Recorder Transmitter with Receiver for Canon for Nikon for mobile


#15:  High quality interview microphone shot gun microphone wireless interview camera microphone KH-320E


#16: FF401 True Diversity handheld cordless professional microphone for singing


#17:  SHIDU Portable Dual UHF handheld wireless microphone system with receiver


#18: Top Quality Handheld Dslr Camera Mobile Phone Microphone


#19:  BY-WHM8 Pro UHF Wireless Handheld Transmitter Microphone


#20: Newest Dual Channel Wireless Microphone with Mixer

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